#Quick Fire Fantasy Tag

Throughout the month of May I’ll be doing a Fantasy related Book Tag each Thursday in honour of Wyrd & Wonder. I’ve plumbed the depths of my drafts folder to find tags I’ve started in the past, and I have to thank Zezeewithbooks as I think I’ve found most of these on her blog in the past.

This week it’s the Quick Fire Fantasy Tag, which was created by the Bookworm Dreamer, I found it @Zezeewithbooks.

5-star book

Always going to recommend

I love Discworld in general, but this is one of the books I love most in the series. Written by a man who knew his time was coming to a close with all the depth of knowledge of his years, humour and rage at injustice and a great deconstruction of the persecution of witches. Plus it has a character named after my home town!

Own it but haven’t read it yet

When I finished Bitterblue I was desperate to read the next installment. I waited ages for it, bought the book on the releasedate and… never read it. I refer you to my TTT post for more evidence of my shame.

Would read again

I loved this series, combining natural history studies with dragons, women in science and the difficulties of motherhood, it’s a delightful confection with its head firmly screwed on: fun and thought provoking! Considering the revelations in the later books I think this would be very rewarding reread, also, I adore the illustrations.

Back on earth

Until very recently, it was rare for British urban fantasy to be set outside of London. This series is set in Manchester and follows the somewhat madcap adventures of the newspaper team at The Stranger Times who are dedicated to reporting ‘the weird and wonderful from around the world’. I haven’t got to it yet but I’m really looking forward to it!

Consider yourself tagged!

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