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Throughout the month of May I’ll be doing a Fantasy related Book Tag each Thursday in honour of Wyrd & Wonder. I’ve plumbed the depths of my drafts folder to find tags I’ve started in the past, and I have to thank Zezeewithbooks as I think I’ve found most of these on her blog in the past.

Indeed, this week it’s the Fantasy Book tag, another one I found on @Zezeewithbooks!

What is the longest fantasy series that you have ever read?

Discworld, by a long chalk. Even the compilation image above doesn’t contain all of the books and out of the whole series (there’s over 40 books in total), by my reckoning, I’ve only missed out on two so far – Sourcery and Eric. At some point I’m going to attempt a full series reread to cross these last two off the list because I adore it so much. I didn’t reread my usual favourites for a while after TP’s death, I just found it too sad, but I’ve recently started to reread again and reminded myself how happy it makes me.

Favorite fantastical setting or world.

I think it might still be Middle Earth, if only because I’d probably get mugged the minute I stepped onto the Discworld, Thieves Guild discount or no. Tolkein is a genius of world building and there’s a heavy dose of nostalgia in there from the films too which got me just at the right age and managed to adapt a series I honestly thought might be unadaptable when I first read it.

What is your favorite fantasy book/series?

I’ve got a pretty decent top ten of favourites but I think TGE still tops the lot. Every time I reread it I love it more. It was a book that got me just at the right time, in the midst of a lot of grim stuff and rediscovering my love of reading for pleasure after years of reading for study. It’s a hopeful, beautiful book with an excellent cast of characters.

What fantasy book do you wish was more popular?

Catherine Webb/Clare North has another pseudonym and it’s the glory that is Kate Griffin. I adore this series (although I found book one a bit hard to get into). It’s a sparkling gem of a series packed with humour, clever worldbuilding and an innovative magic system. It truly baffles me that people don’t talk about it more.

Your favourite villain.

I’m pretty fond of Ezra Squall, Morrigan’s nemisis from the Nevermoor series. Ezra’s the sort of villain who is simultaneously very sinister whilst utterly understandable, someone who started out trying to do the right thing but got lost along the way. The relationship that’s building between Ezra and Morrigan looks like its very interesting indeed, I can’t wait to see what Jessica does with this storyline!

What’s the first fantasy book you have ever read?

I honestly can’t remember the answer to this, I have always loved fantasy and I was a fairytale addict from a young age. I think the one that’s stuck with me the most from my early years was, Beyond the Deepwoods. I read it very soon after it came out because our local librarian was sure it would be up my street, he was right, and I think that’s the first proper fantasy novel I remember reading.

What is your favorite mythical creature?

Ooo that’s tricky. I’m still very fond of unicorns after a childhood obsession with them (as you can see from the tag graphic) but I think my favourite is witches, if they can indeed be classed as a ‘creature’. I’m a sucker for anything witchy and will generally give any witch related book a chance. It’s also what I dressed up as every Halloween…I think I still have my broom somewhere.

Favourite female protagonist from a fantasy book?

I’m going to cheat and go for a trio. The Eastwood sisters, Beatrice Belladonna, Agnes Amaranth and James Juniper, have a very special place in my heart. A three woman coven of Maiden, Mother, Crone. I’ve rarely seen a set of siblings so well done. Each a distinct character with their own wants and needs, each with their own perfectly balanced character arc and motivations – perfection.

Favourite male protagonist?

I have a strong soft spot for Sam Vimes. The first Discworld book I read was a Watch novel, and I fell in love with Pratchett’s ability to create relatable but fallible characters. Sam is a brilliant example of this, he fights the prejudices of his past and he always tries to do what’s right rather than what is easy. His relationship with his family is brilliantly drawn and the evolution of his role in the Watch evolves so organically. He’s also, really, really funny.

Consider yourself tagged!

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  1. I’m currently working my way through the Discworld books and am enjoying them. I think they are books I can always reread and find something new every time.
    I enjoyed the Nevermoor books too. I’m currently reading Diana Wynn-Jones’s Chrestomanci series and am convinced the Chrestomanci in “Charmed Life” is probably the inspiration for Jupiter North.


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