Wyrd & Wonder Day #2 Can’t wait to read

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Throughout May my posts will be themed to fit in with the 5th anniversary of Wyrd & Wonder, a month long celebration of all things fantasy. You can find out more about W&W here.

Amongst Our Weapons by Ben Aaronovitch

#9 Rivers of London

There is a world hidden underneath this great city…

*spoilers in synopsis below*

The London Silver Vaults – for well over a century, the largest collection of silver for sale in the world. It has more locks than the Bank of England and more cameras than a celebrity punch-up.
Not somewhere you can murder someone and vanish without a trace – only that’s what happened.
The disappearing act, the reports of a blinding flash of light and memory loss amongst the witnesses all make this a case for Detective Constable Peter Grant and the Special Assessment Unit.
Alongside their boss DCI Thomas Nightingale, the SAU find themselves embroiled in a mystery that encompasses London’s tangled history, foreign lands and, most terrifying of all, the North!
And Peter must solve this case soon because back home his partner Beverley is expecting twins any day now. But what he doesn’t know is that he’s about to encounter something – and somebody – that nobody ever expects…

The prompt for Day 2 of Wyrd & Wonder is: Can’t Wait to Read. For me, the answer was obvious.

I love the Rivers of London series, it’s by far one of my favourites and, ever since I picked the first volume up in hardback soon after publication, I’ve eagerly awaited each new installment. My only issue is, that after 8 novels, 3 novellas, a short fiction collection and an ever expanding series of accompanying graphic novels, the RoL universe is vast and Mr Aaronovitch is a clever bugger who likes to scatter clues multiple books in advance. For me to fully enjoy a new novel, this means that an annual reread of the novels is required and, as my W&W TBR is already vast with the huge backlog of reading I can’t wait to get to, I was struggling to workout how to whizz through it as fast as possible.

Enter my recent revelation that, although I can’t read books for the first time via audiobook, it’s a lot of fun to reread via audiobook. So over the last couple of weeks I’ve been working my way through the series and have just started book 4, Broken Homes, thanks to the wonder that is Lancashire County Libraries’ Borrowbox subscription. Nearly half way! Who knows, I may yet manage to get to Amongst Our Weapons before the end of May…then I can stop dodging potential spoilers from library customers.

What book are you really looking forward to getting your teeth into?

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