Top 5 Fantasy reads since last Wyrd & Wonder

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Throughout May my posts will be themed to fit in with the 5th anniversary of Wyrd & Wonder, a month long celebration of all things fantasy. You can find out more about W&W here.

For Wyrd & Wonder’s 5th anniversary we’re celebrating each Sunday with a ‘Top 5’ prompt, for the first Sunday we’re looking at the Top 5 fantasy books we’ve read since last W&W. My reading year wasn’t very prolific for several reasons but I did discover some gems! I’m only including first time reads here and they aren’t in any particular order…

She Who Became The Sun #1 by Shelley Parker-Chan

This one took the internet by storm and yes, the internet was right. Truly magnificent!

Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir #1 Locked Tomb

This book is bonkers and I love it so much, but oy my emotions. I’m planning to read book 2 for W&W, but I AM NOT PREPARED.

The House of Binding Thorns by Aliette de Bodard #2 Dominion of the Fallen

Prior to the Dominion of the Fallen series my only experience of AdB was Fireheart Tiger and, whilst I thought the writing was exquisite, I found it quite a frustrating read – I needed at least another 100 pages. The House of Binding Thorns cemented AdB as a new favourite writer, this series is soo good.

Circe by Madeleine Miller

My first Madeleine Miller and I adored it. This woman’s writing, ugh, so good. I rarely enjoy books which cover such a long period of time, they feel skippy and lacking in depth due to condensing time periods. But this one completely proved me wrong.

What Abigail did that Summer by Ben Aaronovitch #5.3 Rivers of London

I, like a lot of Rivers of London fans, have been begging for an Abigail book for literal years. Mr Aaronovitch did not disappoint, I really hope we get more of her solo adventures.

What fantasy reads have you enjoyed in the last year?

6 thoughts on “Top 5 Fantasy reads since last Wyrd & Wonder

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    1. Strongly recommend Circe! I haven’t read any Lois McMaster Bujold before but I’ve heard good things…


  1. I REALLY need to read Gideon the Ninth! It’s one of those I’ve been putting off until the ‘perfect’ time even though I know that’s not a real thing!

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  2. I have The Dominion of the Fallen trilogy to read. I heard great things and the novella’s set in the same world she’s been writing are also grabbing my attention.


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