Magical Readathon TBR – Spring Equinox

No, it’s not an April fool, I am actually posting on the blog!

I’ve survived Litfest 2022 and am ploughing on through this mad, mad world in which we live, so I’ve decided to treat myself to some reading. Happily, this has coincided with the next part of G at Book Roast’s new and improved Magical Readathon…

You may remember the Magical Readathon from its previous Hogwarts based incarnation, but for MR 2.0 we have an entirely original world to explore…Orilium. G’s been building this concept since last year starting with The Novice Path, but she’s also created a readathon that’s wholly accessible to first timers. You don’t need to have completed any of the previous segments to join in now. Just bob along to G’s channel where you can watch her previous Magical Readathon videos if you want to learn more, find the Spring Equinox launch video to jump right in and then explore the beautifully designed materials on Google Drive to plan your TBR.

There you’ll find the Scholars key and additional materials to create your character and pick your career!


Flicking through the fantastic careers booklet, a lot of options caught my eye. But the two I’m going to try and work through the prompts for are Scribe and Story Weaver. They have a couple of prompts in common and it keeps my options open for the Autumn portion of the readathon.


Elemental Studies

Book under 100 pages

The Teamaster & The Detective #Xuya Universe

by Aliette de Bodard

I really struggled to find a book to meet this prompt, I read very little short fiction and even my novella collection is on the longer side with regard to page counts. Then, inspiration struck, thank goodness for AdB! Incidentally, it’s the only book I’ve managed to get to so far…


Intimidating Read

The Priory of the Orange Tree

by Samantha Shannon

More of an intimidating re-read as I’m planning to finally review it for Wyrd and Wonder next month. When I first read it I struggled through the first 100 pages then gobbled the rest in a matter of hours. Can it be that good again?

Spells and Incantations

Short Story/Essay

Alix E. Harrow’s Short Stories

At the risk of repeating myself, I don’t really do short stories, Alix E. Harrow’s work being the glaring exception because I would honestly read her shopping list and give it 5 stars. I devoured her back catalogue of short fiction last year but she’s released a couple more since then (and ‘Mr Death’ is shortlisted for a Hugo!). Time for a catch up and a reread? I think so.


Mythology Inspired


by Jennifer Saint

I read Circe in January and it just about knocked my socks off so I’m craving some ancient Greek goodness. I’ve heard nothing but excellent things about Jennifer Saint’s novel and that cover is divine.


a book featuring healers


by Lucy Holland

I really struggled to find a book on my shelves for this one. Despite coming from an NHS family, I own very few books that feature healers prominently, but of the three sisters at the core of this book one is a healer. Fingers crossed for good things.

Additional: Story Weaver

Art of Illusion

Book with a trope you like

Spinning Silver

by Naomi Novik

There’s retellings and there’s retellings. This book is very definitely the latter. Trope that I like? Found families. Secondary rare trope that I adore? A heroine with living parents actively involved in the story. I’ve two hours left in my audiobook reread of this (I can only do audiobooks as rereads, first time reads are impossible to concentrate on) and enjoying every minute.

Psionics and Divination

Book Set in the Future

Under Fortunate Stars

by Ren Hutchings

I was lucky enough to get an e-arc of this one through Netgalley and it looks perfect for this one. What happens when the past and the future collide? I can’t wait to find out…

What’s your TBR shaping up like?

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