Six of Crows Book Tag

As promised! The tag this week was created by Readable Life, you can find the original post here.

Kaz Brekker

A book that you value most in your collection

This was a tricky one, but I’m not going for the most beautiful one or even necessarily an all time favourite. Instead, I’m going for a childhood one – I’ve got two reprinted volumes of the original Winnie the Pooh books which I loved as a child and still enjoy now.

Inej Ghafa

A book that stabbed you in the heart with the feels

Hmm, another tough one. but there’s a scene in I Shall Wear Midnight that gets me every time. I think it hits closer because it was written after Pratchett’s diagnosis and thoughts of memory and death were very real to him. It’s sad but it’s hopeful too and the balance is very well struck.

Jesper Fahey

A book that you took a gamble on that paid off

City of Stairs was a random pick up in Waterstones, a beautiful blue spine stashed in general fiction for some reason that turned out to be one of the best I’ve ever read. I’d never read anything by RBJ, I’d never even heard of him but I tracked a copy down at the library and raced through reading it.

Nina Zenik

A favourite book with an awesome magic system

I can remember reading Sabriel for the first time and just being blown away by the concept of the Abhorsen and their bells. Then there’s the Wall, the Clair… it’s just so well done and unique. Nix knows what he’s about. I’ve just snagged the ebook of Goldenhand for 99p, so I’m getting ready to dive back in!

Matthias Helvar

A book that seemed intimidating but, but you really enjoyed in the end

I had to read this one for the contemporary lit module in my undergrad degree but I never expected to love it as much as I did. Roy spins such a web of heartbreak, the unreliability of memory, complicated family dynamics and a sense of place is woven throughout the novel. It’s an utter gem.

Wylan Van Eck

A book with a surprising ending

The end of Broken Homes blindsided me utterly the first time I read it and it’s still a punch to the gut. One of those rare twists that are both surprising and, in retrospect, completely understandable.

The Girl in The Tower: (Winternight Trilogy): Arden ...

Kuwei Yul-Bo

A book that you have a fiery passion for

I flew through the series last September, one of the few books I read in the PhD days but the middle book of the Winternight trilogy is by far my favourite. It incorporates so many things that I love and the prose is wonderfully rich. Another series that I need to reread and review for this blog no it’s back up and running.

Pekka Rollins

A book that you felt betrayed you

Oh Angel of the Crows, you could have been so good and yet… it was one of the most frustrating books I’ve ever read, let down by its relationship with the source material and a lack of original plot.

Tante Heleen

A book with a stunning cover that you didn’t love

Let this be a lesson to me that the same author can write a brilliant book (ahem, Six of Crows) and a book that pushes most of your ‘pet peeves’ buttons. Shadow and Bone was REALLY not for me but I know I have to read it again (and read the rest of the original trilogy for the first time to get a proper grasp of the grisha verse for King of Scars).

Spinning Silver: Novik, Naomi: 9781509899012: Books

Jordie Rietveld

A book that you thought about for weeks after finishing it

I always thought a Rumpelstiltskin retelling would be interesting but I was in no way prepared for the magnificence of this book. There’s so much woven into this story and Novik’s approach to the fairy tale is so utterly unique that I find myself constantly returning to it again and again. I’m due a reread so that I can process it with all these new thoughts in mind. I’m also dying to do some illustrations…

Bonus: Joost

A book character that you wish had more time

In any other tag I’d say Joost, for one of the best opening lines in SFF ‘Joost had two problems: the moon and his moustache.’ But I think I’ll go for Verdero actually in The Goblin Emperor. Maia’s half sister just wants to be left alone to study the stars but she still mourns the father who would have married her off as a political pawn. We only get glimpses of her but she’s a scene stealer, I’d love another book in the TGE universe following her and her group of friends.

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